Adults and children alike love playing with this modern doll house. It is the perfect home for all your dolls to come to life in each room of the house! Made from high-quality wood material, your doll house will fit an 18” doll with all the furniture and decor you would find in a real home. Natural Woodworks will help you design your doll house complete with multiple rooms, storage drawers, shingled roof, attic and anything else you can imagine. Let your imagination run wild as we work together to custom build your new doll house!
All doll houses are custom built by our professional craftsman to your specifications. We take pride in our work so you are 100% satisfied. Please allow up to 4 weeks from request to delivery. Call 410-507-2775 or email us with your request today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our shop is in Linthicum, MD and all materials are bought from local suppliers. We are a veteran owned small business registered with the BBB

Yes, You can add an entire floor or a row of rooms

Solid and engineered wood and painted with your choice of 3 different colors.

Your doll house module will be fully assembled at our shop. Each module simply fits on top or next to each other. If more than one module is purchased, some assembly is required (instructions and screws will be provided)!

Yes, your doll will be able to stand up in her room or and in many cases lay down on the floor comfortably!  How much room your doll has will depend on the size of the room.

Our goal is to make high quality dollhouses that are fun for all ages. Since each house is custom made, the price will vary depending on the size. One complete doll house (consisting of one room) with a roof, drawers and window can be as economical as $1100.00. The house pictured above (excluding furniture and dolls) cost approximately $6500.00. You control the cost depending on how large and elaborate you want the house.

Yes, we encourage your input. Although our doll houses are built in modules, no two modules are the same. We will guide you through the process of building the perfect doll house to the size and specifications that work best for your family.

Our doll house is sold in modules. Multiple modules may be purchased to get the desired size of the entire house. Each module can be stacked or placed side by side. Depending on the finished size of the modules, we will size accordingly the roof, windows and drawers. The interior and exterior of the house will be finished with a satin paint  (Maximum 3 colors).  The floors and roof shingles will be left natural wood with a clear satin finish and the drawers can either stained or painted.

Talking to our designer is the first step.  Next, a sketch will be drawn and a proposal sent for your approval.  Once we have a signed proposal and deposit, we will get started building your new doll house.  We will send photographs of our progress so you can see your doll house come to life.  Call 410-507-2775 or email us today to get started.

Pricing & Spefications

Our doll house is sold in modules. Multiple modules may be purchased to get the desired size of the entire house. Each module can be stacked or placed side by side. Depending on the finished size of the modules, the roof, windows and drawers will be sized accordingly.House will be finished with a satin paint (maximum 3 different colors).  Floors, roof shingles and drawers will be kept natural wood with a clear satin finish.

Custom Built Dollhouses Room Module Pic

Room Module:
48” long x 24” high x 24” deep
Module can accommodate up to 3 rooms.
$550.00 each

Custom Built Dollhouses Roof Module Pic copy

Roof Module – Pitched Shingled roof with 2 dormers and shingles.
48” long x 12” high x 24” deep
$500.00 each

Custom Built Dollhouses Window Module Pic copy copy

Window – With interior and exterior moldings
$50.00 each (3 recommended per module)

Custom Built Dollhouses Drawer Module Pic copy copy copy

Drawer Module – with pull handles for storage
48” long x 8” high x 24 deep”
Consisting of 3 drawers per module
$400.00 each

* Free roof top deck and hot tub with the purchase of at least two complete modules.
* Assembly required hardware and instructions included. Doll house needs to be affixed; to the wall Natural Woodworks assumes no liability,   Shipping not included


All I can say is WOW!  Working with Ron was the best experience ever.  I came to him with an idea of what my daughter and wife wanted along with the dimensions of where the house would be located.  Ron sent a sketch included my ideas and put in ideas of his own, things I would have never though of.  During the building process he kept in touch and came up with even more ideas to incorporate (like making a bunk bed to replicate my daughters bed).  Since I live in the MD area, Ron was able to deliver the doll house and see the expression on their faces when we secretly installed the doll house our home, it was priceless.   I was also impressed with his attention to detail and the quality of the product,  this doll house is sure to last a lifetime.  Thanks again Ron and Karen for making our dream house come true.  We will definitely be calling you again.

I needed a beautiful dollhouse made for my daughter and her 18″ tall American Girl dolls. I wasnt happy with what I was finding around the Phoenix AZ area, if I was even able to find anything at all. The choices were very few. So looking online I saw a beautiful dollhouse made by Ron at Natural Woodworks. The attention paid to detail was amazing and the quality was exceptional. I first emailed Ron and told him of my troubles and search to find a quality dollhouse for 18″ dolls. He responded very quickly and asked me to send him more specific details about what I was looking for. After giving him some basics, he asked me to call him so we could put a plan in place. He was so easy to talk to on the phone, and told me he LOVED building doll houses. It was at this point I KNEW I had the person I wanted to build my daughter’s dollhouse. He sent me a sketch and blue print of what he would build and it just seemed like I was talking with an old friend on the phone. I never felt rushed and knew that Ron had a genuine interest in this project. He truly cared that he was building a little girl’s dream. All I can say is if you can dream it, Ron can build it. He built my daughter a beautiful custom one of a kind dollhouse at a reasonable price. It is an exceptional piece of furniture that will become a family heirloom, passed down for generations. It’s kind of funny that my daughter hasn’t even had it a month, but 3 of her friend’s moms have said when my daughter grows out of it, if we ever want to sell it, let them know-lol. I also feel like I have made a friend in both Ron and his wife Karen. As the dollhouse was being built, his wife was the one who kept in contact with me. Karen is a very nice lady, and the perfect compliment to Ron. I could not be happier with the doll house that Ron built, and about the people that I got to meet, whom I now consider friends.

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* Furniture and dolls not included.  Assembly required hardware and instructions included. Larger doll house needs to be affixed to the wall.  Natural Woodworks assumes no liability,   Shipping not included:

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